Character Breakdowns - children (8 and up) and adults are all a part of this magical show

Jeremy and Jemima Potts, child roles, are energetic children who are always up for an adventure. They are friends and do everything together, and their greatest wish is to save Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from the junkyard. Cast two performers who work well together and are good actors and singers. It’s helpful if these performers read as younger than Potts, Truly, and Grandpa onstage.

Caractacus Potts, male lead, is Jeremy and Jemima’s father. He is an eccentric inventor who cares deeply about his children. Cast an experienced performer with a great voice who is very comfortable onstage. The role was played by Dick Van Dyke in the film version, and he’s a great example: a charming, charismatic leading man with great comic timing. VOCAL: Baritone

Truly Scrumptious, female lead is the smart, confident, adventurous daughter of Lord Scrumptious who quickly earns the Potts family’s trust. A fantastic singer, actor, and dancer. VOCAL: Soprano

Grandpa Potts, supporting. Though his experience in the military drives many of his interactions, underneath all his bluster, the most important thing to Grandpa is his family. VOCAL: Baritone.

Lord Scrumptious, supporting, is the all-powerful owner of the candy factory. Strong, confident, commanding. This role is non- singing.

Baron and Baroness Bombast are larger- than-life villains. Can act, sing, dance, and who aren’t afraid to chew the scenery a bit. Comically inept villains. VOCAL: Baritone and soprano.

Boris and Goran, comedic, are the worst spies ever. Some of the funniest dialogue, hilarious performers who can really land a joke. Boris and Goran do not sing but should be good movers since they have some physical comedy.

The Toymaker has been secretly working to save children right under the Baron and Baroness’s noses. The Toymaker is compassionate, clever.. total contrast to the Child Catcher. VOCAL: Tenor.

Hidden Children who help Potts plan Jeremy and Jemima’s rescue. They should be fine actors and good singers who shine onstage.

The Child Catcher, he or she, isn’t afraid to be terrifying! The Child Catcher doesn’t sing.

Mr. Coggins owns Coggins Garage and ultimately sells Chitty to Potts and the children. Kind man, non singing role.

Ensemble: Factory workers, characters with featured moments, hidden children, magical parts of the car. Lots of fun bits with lots of singing, dancing and stage time. All ages, 8 and up, are welcome to apply.