Rewrite the World, an exciting new musical with the vibrant styles of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, a poignant and enchanting story reminiscent of Dear Evan Hansen, and lots of magical imagination – of Biblical proportions – evocative of The Wizard Of Oz.

"The play may be unknown...

but it is bursting with energy, humor, music and dance – powered by musical director Tom Zilbershteyn, choreographer Rosa Howden and a cast of talented and enthusiastic actors, such as Yossi Mark, the lead, who will also be singing backup in Eurovision Song Contest this year...

"Are you bold enough to venture out to the theater to experience a fresh and original play? Odds are that – like us – you’ll be glad you did." - The Jerusalem Post

An Accident

"I bought tickets to your Rewrite the World show by accident. I thought I was buying [Another Show]. I love Broadway shows and the classic musicals and quite frankly, because of my experience with people here who think they have a lot more talent than they actually do, had I known this was an original new show, I would have never taken a chance in going to see it.

Having said that, the story was fantastic! The acting was great! The singing was on key & beautifully harmonized! I was thoroughly impressed!!!" - Mark C.

The Story of Aaron Cohen and His Heroism

He faced a problem that seemed bigger than he could handle. Even so, 17 year old Aaron Cohen decided to tackle it with everything he had. A sensitive kid with a big heart and an even bigger imagination, Aaron was the adopted son of a suburban Jewish couple.

The problem? His parents marriage was fraying, and the fear that they might divorce threatened his very world. To find the guidance he needed, he reached straight back though the pages of history to his Biblical namesake: Aaron, the High Priest, the brother of Moses, and the greatest peacemaker in the Bible. If he didn't have the solutions, no one did.

As young Aaron struggled to do the impossible with the techniques he learned from Biblical Aaron's stories, he discovered creativity, friendship, courage and the power of forgiveness.

This is a story that will surprise you, delight you, make you laugh a lot, possibly cry and, perhaps, even fall in love.

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The Music of Rewrite The World

"The music of Rewrite the World is brilliantly written and planned. The music itself is very diverse, with songs in different genres, including uplifting disco, soulful ballads, marches, gospel, bluegrass and even a bit of rap. Despite the large variety in styles, all of those differences feel entirely necessary and connect it all together in some strange way.

"Throughout the play, similar motifs and melodic phrases pop in and out of the different tunes, making us feel as if it is all familiar to our ears (in a good way). You can tell that the music is written not just for the sake of showcasing good songwriting ability, It is all there to a specific purpose. and that purpose is to help enhance the story, in a way which only good music can.

Yisrael Lutnick managed to capture the essence and sound of the best broadway productions and take it to a personal place. This Musical has a sound of its own, and together with the great choreography by Rosa Howden, the experience will undoubtedly be memorable. I am certain that anyone in the audience will leave the theater humming the tunes for days!"

Tom Zilbersztein, Musical Director

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