If you could
Rewrite The World

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He faced a problem that seemed bigger than he could handle. Even so, 17 year old Aaron Cohen decided to tackle it with everything he had. A sensitive kid with a big heart and an even bigger imagination, Aaron was the adopted son of a suburban Jewish couple.

The problem? His parents marriage was fraying, and the fear that they might divorce threatened his very world. To find the guidance he needed, he reached straight back though the pages of history to his Biblical namesake: Aaron, the High Priest, the brother of Moses, and the greatest peacemaker in the Bible. If he didn't have the solutions, no one did.

As young Aaron struggled to do the impossible with the techniques he learned from Biblical Aaron's stories, he discovered creativity, friendship, courage and the power of forgiveness.

This is a story that will surprise you, delight you, make you laugh a lot, possibly cry and, perhaps, even fall in love.

Meet the cast of Rewrite the World!

Rewrite The World was originally produced 12 years ago, and since then has undergone significant revisions. Audiences at that first production were especially enthusiastic about the music and dance in this musical.

Director/creator Yisrael Lutnick, musical director Danielle Arbely, choreographer Rosa Howden and the rest of the staff are excited about the joyous discovery awaiting you when you experience the new homegrown musical of Biblical proportions.

What would you do if you could Rewrite The World!?

We are working on the show! The first rehearsals have been held. We are starting a Blog about the production, which will be available here:
From the Top! Our new Blog!

And stay tuned, there will be a new Behind The Scenes newsletter about the show with videos, gift giveaways and more. Check back soon to sign up when it is online.

Language of the heart..

"...True works of art have a universal language. One does not need to speak English to enjoy this musical. Whatever language you speak at home you will go home smiling after seeing 'Rewrite The World'".

A must!

"...The music is varied, intoxicating and invigorating. The lyrics are witty and catching. The dancing is bursting with contagious energy. In short-a must for music theatre lovers."

A reason to smile..

"...Enjoyed every song and dance, went home with a smile."

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