Frankly Sinatra! Audiences are LOVING it!

Frankly Sinatra in JerusalemOur premiere in Jerusalem before a full house at the Nurit Katzir Center was a wonderful celebration of Chanukah for all of us in the room. Since then, we've had great crowds in Ra'anana and Rehovot. Start spreadin' the news, the best is yet to come!

Here are some messages we've received from our audience members:

"We absolutely were enthusiastic with the Sinatra show.. What is really working is the mixing between the historical facts and the songs. That is learning with pleasure. So, for us, the show deserves a 5."
Aharon L.

"It was, I guess you could say, a VERY good night!"
Stewart W.

"Loved the show."
Ilana S.

"My daughter and I really enjoyed the show ( I would give it a 4.5). I learned a lot of things about Sinatra that I never knew. Thank you for such an enjoyable evening."
Rachelle B.

"Hi Yisrael, congratulations on your show, we absolutely loved it! Our favorite aspect was finding out Sinatra’s relation to the Jewish world and Israel, we were really moved to see it had been quite an important part of his life.. for us it’s 4/5, the band was very enjoyable, it was good to see young players playing Sinatra, in a very professional way. We loved the way you led the show, mixing personal stories with songs. You showed us aspects from Sinatra’s life unknown to us, and it made him more human to us."
Shoshana G.

"This is the first time that we encountered Israel Musicals and it was most enjoyable. I thought the format of singing and story telling with the inclusion of old films was great. We enjoyed the evening.I would rate it as 4.. Yes, I would recommend to others and I would attend other musicals you might put on. Thank you for on-going contact. I like that too."
Esther T.

"Loved the history behind each song and relevance to what was going on in Frank’s personal life. Very well researched and presented. The movie clips were terrific. We enjoyed the show tremendously."
Pam S., Jerusalem

"I give you all a 5 [out of 5] .. I enjoyed your show as much as the one I saw just 2 weeks earlier."
Laraine G.

"We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and thought that your presentation was excellent."
Rital L.

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"Thank you very much for an enjoyable performance."
Zvi W.

"Since we think Sinatra is a hero in Israel, the connections to Israel and the 10 minute film about anti-Semitism was a highlight. Well done show to summarize Frank's live and some of his connections to the Jewish people."
Yehuda L.

"The show was wonderful, Yisrael, and the synchronization with Haim (the band leader) was amazing! I would surely recommend the show to others. At times the music was a bit too loud, but my rating is still 4.5 [out of 5]."
Rivka Z.

"The Frank Sinatra show was wonderful. I was singing with all the old songs."
William L.

"Yes we did enjoy the evening."
Lea C.

"It was quite a nostalgic evening. A number of the songs resonated with us especially New York, New York. But you had a good repertoire, and your speaking stage presence is quite good. The Sinatra's Life Story was wonderful, with lots of information we didn't know."
Tamar P.

"The show was lovely and very enjoyable. [My rating is] 5. It was great to hear the old Sinatra tunes. Learned some new info re Sinatra. Would recommend to others."
Linda Y.

"I very much enjoyed the show. These were the tunes from my "bobbysox" days. I remember many of the words.. I told everyone I know how much I enjoyed the show, including my US family. There is a song toward the end where the orchestra was a bit too loud and drowned you out..."
Rima C.

"I enjoyed the show."
Steve L.

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"I enjoyed your show so much that the day after the show I put on a Frank Sinatra channel on the computer and listened to it all day.
You have a great voice when you ‘let go’ but there were times I felt that you were holding back its power. I was happy when you did let go and belted it out. Other than the keyboardist, I thought the musicians were mediocre…maybe their weakness was holding you back.
Despite that I would definitely recommend your show."
Renee D.

"Thanks for a lovely evening. We thoroughly enjoyed it."
Wendy D.

"Great show last night. (I noticed nobody under 60 - I guess they don't know who Sinatra was)."
Larry W.

"The program was terrific! My friends and I enjoyed it immensely."
Phyllis S.

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