Frankly Sinatra is BACK, with a new production!

Frank Sinatra. His music, his incredible power to entertain, to thrill, his fascinating life story, and his deep love for Israel and the Jewish people are here for you to share. Join us in a new production of Yisrael Lutnick's acclaimed tribute, Frankly Sinatra, with the new 5-piece band conducted by Haim Tukachinsky.

Frankly Sinatra Show Flier

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Audiences are LOVING Sinatra!

So many people who came to our full house Jerusalem premiere wrote to share how thoroughly they enjoyed the event!

"The show was lovely and very enjoyable. [My rating is] 5. It was great to hear the old Sinatra tunes. Learned some new info re Sinatra. Would recommend to others." Linda Y., Jerusalem

"We absolutely were enthusiastic with the Sinatra show.. What is really working is the mixing between the historical facts and the songs. That is learning with pleasure. So, for us, the show deserves a 5."
Aharon L., Rehovot

"Hi Yisrael, congratulations on your show, we absolutely loved it! Our favorite aspect was finding out Sinatra’s relation to the Jewish world and Israel, we were really moved to see it had been quite an important part of his life.. for us it’s 4/5, the band was very enjoyable, it was good to see young players playing Sinatra, in a very professional way. We loved the way you led the show, mixing personal stories with songs. You showed us aspects from Sinatra’s life unknown to us, and it made him more human to us."
Shoshana G., Ra'anana

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Frank Sinatra's Music is Timeless

These are songs from the golden age that express real human experience with evocative lyrics and wonderfully original imagery. Sinatra, it could be said, created his own genre of music. He did it in the way he phrased the songs he sang, the way he personalized them, and by illuminating them with the aura of his own dramatic life story. No one has dominated an artform quite like Frank did with his singing.

What's new?

We've got a 5-piece band, conducted by Haim, and we're putting together some videos to enrich the show. And then, we're keeping the classic songs, such as

Enjoy and discover the incredible story of this man's life, his challenges, his failings and his triumphs. You will hear about his meteoric rise, his brush with tragedy, his wild night out with a certain famous actress, his connections with presidents and mobsters, and his various marriages. Perhaps the most fascinating and surprising stories about Frank relate to his deep love affair with Israel and the Jewish People.

Weaving story, mystery, humor and song together in a tightly crafted performance, Yisrael takes you on a journey from Hoboken of the 1920s and 30s, through the Victor Hugo Cafe in 1939, The Paramount Theatre in the 40s, Hollywood in the 50s and straight through to Frank's passing in 1998 at Palm Springs. You will find the time flying by as you relive, or discover for the first time, the glorious songs and riveting stories of a legend. Frankly Sinatra is coming to a theatre near you. Grab it while you can!

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"One of the reasons I loved the show as much as I did was that (Yisrael) Lutnick wasn't impersonating Sinatra! Instead, he was sharing his heart, his soul, his voice, his acting, his talent, and bringing Frank Sinatra's music alive through his gift." Kimberly Vaughn (Broadway performer, producer, director and teacher).


"(Lutnick possesses) excellent singing and acting skills .. a real stage animal." Haim Noy, The Marker.

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