The spies, from Chitty Bang Bang

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Potts family and Truly, from Chitty Bang Bang

The childcatcher, from Chitty Bang Bang

We are partners in bringing English language and culture to young people. The musicals we love enrich both their language skills and their connection to our wonderful cultural tradition. Let's give your students an English language experience they will treasure.

Watching the movie (or any other movie) is a pleasant and passive experience. But live theatre connects audience to actor. We want to share an educational moment with your students, through additional resources and a chance to meet the actors in person. You can't do that with a video!

We are pleased to offer you a show in English with a group rate, and here some educational materials, questions for preparation and discussion before or after the show. For groups of 30 or more, we will be pleased to allow your students meet the lead actors after the show for 10 minutes of Q&A.

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Some thought-provoking background questions to engage your students

The names given in chitty Chitty Bang Bang are very descriptive!

The inventor is named Caractacus Potts.

His romantic interest is named Truly Scrumptious, and there is a song about her name.

The evil country is named Vulgaria.

The leader of Vulgaria is Baron Bomburst

His wife, the Baroness, hates children and has outlawed them.

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