Israel Musicals Production of Kismet, 2010

The story, the choreography, and, oh my goodness, the music! It's magic.

Pictures from the production

In 2011, we presented a staged concert of this classical music lover's musical. The songs are the soaring romantic melodies of Russian composer Alexander Borodin. And This Is My Beloved comes from his String Quartet No. 2. Gesticulate comes from his Symphony No. 1. And, of course, Stranger in Paradise is from the Polovetsian Dances.

The Show and The Cast and Crew

Kismet is much more than just the music. It's a musical Arabian night, filled with humor, romance, bloodthirstiness and happy endings. It was chosen Best Musical at the Tony awards of 1954. our production lacked a set, but made up for it with beautiful costumes designed by Andrea Sirota, choreography by Rosa Howden and musical direction by Eliah Zabaly. The performance was directed by Yisrael Lutnick.
Heard on the Tamar Yonah radio show: "I really enjoyed it.. the singing was really, really nice. Tamar Geist .. was terrific. That woman can sing.. she was amazing!"
  • Stephen Howden - Hajj
  • Tamar Geist - Marsinah
  • Yisrael Lutnick - Caliph
  • Zvi Goldfeld - Wazir
  • Rosa Howden - Lalume
  • Yisrael Levitt - Chief of Police
  • Neil Turetsky - Omar Khayyam
  • Elazar Brandt - Jawwan
  • Assaf Berznitsky - Dancer
  • Stacey Maltin - Samarhis
  • Inbal Rosenberg - Zubbediyya
  • Katie McCants - Ababu Princess
  • Erin Howden - Ababu Princess
  • Miriam Wartski - Ababu Princess
  • Esther Cohen - Widow Yussef
  • Aliza Ben Moha - Citizen
  • Walter Bingham- Beggar

Who is the only 18th century classical composer to win a Tony award?

Not everybody knows that classic songs such as Stranger in Paradise, And This Is My Beloved and Baubles, Bangles, and Beads, come from Kismet. Not everybody knows that Alexander Borodin is the only 19th century classical composer to win a Tony award! This musical theater masterpiece has so much to love.

Here, check out some of these samples of the magic that is... Kismet!

The classical music lover's musical

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