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Free Sinatra VideosGoing into the recording studio with Frank Sinatra is an exciting and dramatic adventure.

On the day when Frank was to record one of his most touching songs, there were some problems to be dealt with first.

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Frank and Sammy Davis JRFrank Sinatra could count Sammy Davis Junior among his accomplishments. Frank had seen Sammy perform up in Harlem, and invited him to come downtown and see his own show.

Sammy didn't make it.

Frank went back a week later, and confronted Sammy: "I've already come to see you twice, and you haven't even come to see me once!"

Sammy's answer prompted an incredible response from Frank Sinatra.

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Frank and Gene KellyIn the early to mid 40s, Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly sang and danced together in a couple of wonderful movies. Yes, Frank was an excellent dancer as well.

In 1973, when they were both around 60, Frank and Gene got together on television to reminisce.

What happened next is simply wonderful.

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Frank with President ReaganWhen Frank Sinatra was 78 years old, he was in the middle of a concert when something scary happened. Frank had gone blank and had completely lost the song. He seemed lost and confused.

What happened next may be the most moving story you ever hear about the singer, and about an anonymous audience member who did something beautiful.

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