Musical Lecture - The Sound of GoosestepsFinally, a Safe Musical Theater Event You Can Attend from Your Home

Live Entertainment Is Missing from Our Lives during Corona Pandemic

Our last live concert was on February 25, Rosenblatt & Gershwin in Jerusalem. Since then, we've had to indefinitely postpone our next musical, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. But the thirst for musical theater entertainment is only growing with time.

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Watching a Musical on the Computer Is Just Not the Same

You can't quite get "the roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd," on your computer screen. But there is one type of performance that works beautifully even on Zoom on your computer:
A Musical Theater Lecture

The Sound of Goosesteps, A Special Virtual Event

Why and how did Jewish creators Nazis into their classic musicals? Eyal Sherf, a Cantor, musical theater performer, and researcher, provides the answers for three classic shows:

A Successful Musical Theater Lecture

Eyal Sherf presents The Sound of GoosestepsCantor Eyal Sherf has carefully crafted this show over the last few years. It has been seen and enjoyed all across Israel and beyond.
As a theater lover, you will enjoy the intellectual pleasure of discovering new perspectives on shows you've known for a long time.

Open the Door to the Backstage Area of the Process

These shows were all written by Jews. Jews who were deeply sensitive to the tragedy of our European brethren. What were their thought patterns when they crafted them? Two, in particular, keep the spotlight on Nazism in their story.
When you see a show, you are mostly a passive observer of an engaging story. This lecture puts you into the mind of the creator in contemplating the artistic decisions that needed to be made.

Don't Miss Our Online Live Performance of The Sound of Goosesteps

Live, on your computer, Thursday, December 3, at 8:00 PM upon purchasing tickets, you will be emailed a private Zoom link invitation.
Tickets are 30 shekels for each device you will use. If you are to watch on one computer, 30 shekels is all you need. If you have more than one device showing the lecture, please purchase a ticket for each device.

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