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Book, music and lyrics by Yisrael Lutnick

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Starring Neta Cohen and Yisrael Lutnick

The Four, a new musical comedy

With Roy Reshef and Paula Brown

The Four, a new musical comedy

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What amazing things happen when two VERY talented couples mix up their blind dates?

Are you looking for quality musical theater entertainment? That's exactly what we want to give you, a show that is so musical, so funny, and even inspirational. Reserve your seats now, because we will perform for you, live!

Enter the New York world of show biz...

The Four is about four talented and beautiful individuals pursuing Broadway stardom. One of them, an upper-40s agent named Alfred, has finally woken up to pursue his dream of living on the stage.

But he will meet resistance, scorn, and seemingly insurmountable competition from the younger and more beautiful couple.  He's teamed up with a beautiful and talented singing actress named Georgia ("George"), but even she hesitates when she discovers what is really holding him back.

When faced with all that failure, Alfred must decide just how much to put on the line to pursue that fading dream.

Sometimes little mistakes can have a wonderful and surprising results

Besides the comedy inherent in sitting down with a man you think is a theatrical agent but, in truth, has a VERY DIFFERENT vocation, two pairings are made that will change Broadway itself.

Come root for the old guy who finally woke up and chased his dreams

What happens when you've waited too long to pursue your dreams? Should you roll over and give up, as society not-so-gently hints you should? Should you risk making a fool of yourself and try it anyway? Is there any way to turn back the clock and make a miracle come true?

And what if there is, but it may not be well, proper? Should you do it anyhow?

Come see what Alfred Berg, together with his beautiful and talented partner Georgia (George) Nogavani, will attempt. Will it work? Will they finally achieve the breakthrough they've dreamed of for so long?

A great new musical theater experience, guaranteed!

It's an unknown show, that only a few audiences have seen. It's completely original, and has not been on Broadway.

I guess you could say it's been off-Broadway.
Really off-Broadway.
Very, very far off-Broadway.
And so too, at one time, was every famous musical you've ever seen.
Who knows?

Get your tickets now, because the surprises, the laughs and the songs will delight you!

Socially connected? Get a 25 NIS Gift Certificate for sharing The Four! Click here for details.

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